Great Outdoor Decorating Ideas

As spring gives way to summer, we're re-arranging our outdoor living spaces at home… and these well-designed outdoor areas give us plenty of ideas. Hope they give you a few, too!

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Grey is the perfect modern colour for your outdoor space - it looks great with green botanics and timber, it's contemporary yet timeless, and it holds up much better than white to dust and dirt. Layer with various shades of grey (and concrete, which is very on trend) - and punches of black - to complete the look.

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A couple of contemporary cushions and a throw is all it takes to transform a chair into an inviting little outdoor nook.

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One of our favourite things about summer are all the dinner parties enjoyed with friends outside in the balmy evening air. String lights (sometimes called festoon lights) like these ones not only give a beautiful celebratory ambience, they also can help to demarcate the area, creating more of an outdoor room.

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This bohemian hideaway might not be practical for every day, but we love it as an idea for a summer soiree! Hang crisp white sheets across trees or trellis to create a soft canopy, and scatter giant floor cushions underneath. Bring rugs or thick blankets from indoors to finish off this dreamy little chill-space. Serve with good company, sangria and plenty of tapas!

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What really makes this outdoor space? The rugs. They inject much-needed colour and design flair, and help to create two distinct areas. No need to buy special outdoor rugs, just choose a favourite from inside and bring it out! (We'd love to see one of our outdoor beanbag ottomans here in place of the small white table - great both as a footrest and a low table.)

Floral arrangements are an easy way to make your outdoor spaces feel special. Snip some stems (leafy foliage included) from your own garden or neighbourhood and pair with some pretty votive candles.

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