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Interior designers and stylists the world over are crushing on blush at the moment. In terms of a colour palette, blush is all about pale, powdery pinks, peaches and purples, teamed with greys and white. It's an uber-modern look, but also very calming and elegant, as these fabulous spaces show...

There's plenty of blush touches in this sophisticated space. We think one of our giant floor cushions in soft pink would be the icing on the designer cake! And here's another tip: copper accents bring a little bit of glam to a blush colour palette.

Here, the entire tone of the room has been updated simply with two new pieces - the pink designer chair, and the soft purple cushion. We just adore all the cozy texture in this space too - the luxe rug, oh-so-soft grey throw and stroke-me sheepskin. One of our giant floor cushions in purple would be a gorgeous addition to this space.

Painting just one feature wall is an affordable way to incorporate your current colour-crush. We love those giant vases in purple and grey on the floor, and the sheepskin draped over a chair creates a sumptuous look!

A half-painted wall creates such a striking effect - got to try this one!
Floor cushions in pink and purple lend a casual, relaxed vibe to the room.

designer chair and couch

This monochrome space is both softened and made more modern by the hints of pink. We think one of our 'parma' pink floor cushions would look superb here!

Blush looks beautiful with pale timber. How great are the over-sized curtains, and the pale pink ceramic-ware - swoon!
Such an elegant space to relax...

designer room with floor cushions

Touches of purple and deeper maroon will keep the look from falling too far on the girly side. The feature wall painted in the softest, lightest shade of pink is just gorgeous, don't you think?

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Our range of floor cushions - giant cloud cushions - come in totally on-trend colours.

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