Interior Inspiration: Kid's Spaces

This morning, we packaged up a bright red beanbag chair and sent it off on the courier, headed for a very cool little boy's bedroom. Inspired, we went searching for more stylish, colourful kid's bedrooms...

kids bedroom neon

Who would've thought - vintage and pastels pair perfectly with pops of super modern neon.
This darling little room has so much personality!

girl bedroom with floor cushion and ottoman

What little girl wouldn't love her own fairytale woodland space? We love the ornate wallpaper with animal decals added, and the layered floor rugs - colourful wool, sheepskin and hide - what a beautiful effect they create. One of our giant floor cushions in grey or a soft beanbag chair would be gorgeous in this space, as a spot to sit and read.

kids bedroom with beanbag chair

A beanbag chair is a excellent option for a kid's bedroom. Beanbag chairs are super comfy, will work for many years without children growing out of them, and they're nice and low to the ground (little ones won't need any help getting on and off their chair). They're also easy for kids to pull from bedroom to lounge room when it's TV time.

toddler bedroom with ottoman

You know those old rules about pink for girls and blue for boys? Time to throw them out! As you can see here, bright blues and teals are a vibrant, modern choice for a little girl's bedroom. And how adorable is that playhouse desk and ottoman chair?

nursery room chair

What a sweet space. Natural timber is a lovely warm option for a kid's bedroom, and the elegant combination of white and wood will never go out of style. We'd love to see one of our beanbag chairs here, in a sandy taupe. The soft-toy taxidermy is a playful take on a classic decorating item.

girls bedroom furniture ottoman

A homemade paper garland is such an easy, affordable and playful accessory for your little one's room. We also love the vintage ornate mirror, given an update with a new lick of paint, and the unique bed with plenty of hidden storage to tidy away toys. The ottoman adds a pop of bright colour to an otherwise very pastel-pretty room. Love, love, love!

There's no doubting this bold, graphic bedroom belongs to a little man! We love the timeless colour palette of black, red and grey. The floor cushions are a fun, flexible option for seating, and how cool is the bunk bed with play area underneath? A great idea for a small space.

bean bag furniture for kids

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