Interior Inspiration: Mini Monochrome

Kids' bedrooms continue to get cooler and more contemporary. We love the current monochrome kids' style trend, with its punchy black and white palette. Here's a toy box of kids' spaces that show black and white is far from boring!

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Start with a white canvas (this keeps the look bright and clean), then layer with a mix of black, white and black and white accents. Choose a few key pieces of bold black furniture (or lighting) to make a real statement, as they've done here. The patterned initial is a cute touch!

One of our giant floor cushions would be awesome on this hardwood flooring - as a comfy spot for reading or napping.

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Storage and space are always key concerns when designing a kids' room, and this day bed is a very clever solution. Putting the bed right at one end of the room frees up the rest of a small space for play, and the bed base does double-duty as awesome drawer storage. Love! We're also big fans of the wallpaper - it works like a giant piece of art when applied only to one feature wall. This fun little room also illustrates how mixing patterns works beautifully in black and white - as long as you stick with the monochrome tones, you can go crazy with graphics.

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A neutral nursery is a super modern choice, not to mention ideal if you're not finding out their gender beforehand! One of our designer beanbag chairs would be perfect here as a nursing chair.

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While monochrome is undoubtedly modern, we love how well it also works with vintage pieces. This space is a great example of that contemporary 'cool factor' mixed with special secondhand treasures. Another idea to steal is that extra-high shelf, great for styling decor items to display, out of reach of little hands.

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Monochrome doesn't always have to be bold. Using more white than black, and keeping patterns on the subtle side, is all it takes to soften the look.

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Monochrome, boring? No way! When the overall theme is so simple and pared back, you're able to really inject loads of personality (through patterns, shapes and pictures), without the look becoming a circus of cluttered colour.

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Think of grey as the big brother or sister to black and white. It pairs perfectly with a monochrome palette (use grey in accents like bedding, cushions or a rug) and it adds a slightly more expensive, more grown up feel to the space.


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