Interior Inspiration - Summer Colour

Forget minimalism, why not become a colour maximalist and embrace the bright and the beautiful with your interiors and furniture. It's all about bringing the feeling of summer, the beach and sunshine indoors, so your home feels more like a holiday retreat - no matter what time of year it is!

Add a burst of brightness with coloured dining chairs. Pick one colour for them all to keep it simple, or choose a few vibrant colours for a real zing.

This living room does a rainbow of colours without looking tacky. A gallery wall of art prints is a brilliant way to add colour and loads of personality to your home. We'd love to see one of our orange bean bag chairs in this space!

A selection of mis-matching cushions (or a couple of coloured floor ottomans) are perhaps the easiest, fastest way to inject bright colour into your space. Don't be afraid to mix patterns, textures and even shapes!

Just one quick punch of colour, in the form of a statement light, can be all you need to really lift a space from boring to beautiful.

Wow! So bold, so modern. Wall decals are totally on-trend and are readily available from loads of designer online stores. There's a colour (or colours!) shape or pattern to suit your style. Wall decals are also very affordable, and can be removed easily, without damaging your walls.

Painting a door makes a real statement and is a fast, no-fuss way to add a pop of colour. You can even just paint the outer door edges - the effect is very cool indeed. (One of our small, low orange ottomans would be oh-so-modern in place of that small, low coffee table.)

If you're working with a small space, making the entire area colourful can make it look smaller still. But choosing one wall to make a feature of, and painting it a light but bright colour, can really open up the space - like it has done here. We love this happy yellow!

Here's a good recipe to follow if you nervous about getting it wrong with colour: create the basic 'bones' of your room with good, neutral basics - white, with black, grey or sand. Now choose your favourite colour. Add colour to the room through easily changeable accessories, homeware and textiles. Stand back and marvel at your interior decorating talent!

For a colourful bedroom, choose colourful bedding and a funky pillow or three. There are so many gorgeous, colourful bedding options on the market at the moment - bedding is finally not boring anymore!

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Explore some of the bold and bright colours in our range of
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