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We love a little bit of 'Pincrastination' here at Lujo - clicking and pinning our favourite interiors, and imagining some of our Lujo beanbag furniture in these stylish spaces...


Concrete is totally on-trend, and we love this owner's sophisticated take, using it as a wall covering on one feature wall. Those deep blue modular sofas are to die for too.

One of our low, circular beanbag ottomans would be the perfect fit here - a similar material to the rest of the lounge furniture, and in a classic-yet-contemporary grey that ties in with the concrete wall.


This cheerful London home includes lots of vintage finds, matched with modern pieces.

One of our designer beanbag chairs would be perfect in this space, adding a pop of colour that ties in with the bright artwork.


Now that's what you call a gallery wall! Even though the entire wall is covered, it doesn't look cluttered, thanks to a minimal interior decorating style, a black and white art theme, and simple black and white frames. We also love that wall-to-wall low storage - so stylish!

One of our floor cushions, in soft Scandi grey, would be the perfect addition to this space.


So many cute ideas in this kid's room! We love the floor to ceiling storage hidden behind the colour-block panels, the built-in bunk beds, and the trio of coloured paper lanterns.

Our modern beanbags make the best chairs for kids' rooms - they're low to the ground, supremely hard-wearing and washable, and when it's family movie time, make a great comfy chair in front of the telly, too!


Ah, simplicity, we love you. This space is just so serene, with its soft textures and pared-back colour palette. We're huge fans of white painted floorboards (so very Scandi), and have a crush on that crushed linen rug, too.

A more simple alternative to the two coffee tables would be one of our luxury beanbag ottomans, in a neutral shade of sandy taupe.

outdoor-floor-cushions-outdoor-entertaining-areaThis outdoor space has us daydreaming about hosting a little outdoor dinner party sometime soon. We love the boho style set-up, with the ultra-low table, potted plants as a centrepiece, layered rugs to add some style, and the floor cushions for seating.

Some of our outdoor floor cushions would be perfect here - maybe the naval blue colour to make the overall look a little more moody and evening-appropriate.

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