Interior Inspiration — Plants are the new Black

One of the most enduring interior design trends of the past year is the welcoming of plants back into modern homes. It turns out, greenery is the new black! We found some fresh pickings for you to inspire your own plant-loving space...



A fan of modern monochrome? So are we! This look loves plants — the pop of green really softens a bold black and white palette.

Our designer bean bag chairs come in dark charcoal, perfect for a modern monochrome room.



Plants add fresh energy — so a workspace is the perfect spot for one! Rubber plants like this one have a very clean, contemporary feel, thanks to their deep green colour and simple leaf shape. We also love the current trend of potting plants in woven baskets or soft (often paper) storage sacks, like this one.


No need to purchase a whole plant — one or two beautiful big leaves look stunning in a vase. Modern florists now sell individual tropical leaves for just this reason, or you could always go 'foraging' around your neighbourhood. Stick with a small number of leaves (no more than three) for the most effective, dramatic look.

via photographer Brooke Holm

When it comes to the modern indoor house plant, bigger is better! This sculptural plant — a fiddle leaf fig — is one of the most popular with interior designers and taste-makers at the moment. And can we also just say — we love the way greenery looks with Scandi-style soft greys, they're a casual-cool colour match made in heaven.

One of our modern bean bag ottomans in soft grey would look stunning here, as a low coffee table.

via The Interiors Addict

Plants bring a serene, natural feel to a bedroom, helping make it more of a sanctuary. We particularly love cascading plants in a bedroom space — place on top of the wardrobe or from a hanging planter. This very modern bedroom — with its polished concrete floor — could have looked a little cold and austere if it weren't for the lovely leafiness.

via Est Magazine

For the ultimate in low maintenance, incorporate plants into your space with a bit of botanic art. There's a great selection of plant-themed prints out there at the moment — with the main trend being big, bold close-ups of leaves.

We'd love to see one of our designer bean bag chairs in this stunning lounge, or even a giant floor cushion to relax in front of that fire!



This eclectic mix of smaller plants really breathes fresh life into what would otherwise be an ordinary space. We love the idea of displaying herbs in planters on a dining table, as an edible centrepiece! Place them on a designer tray with a small pair of herb scissors, ready to add to salads. One great thing about having a number of smaller plants, is the ability to change up the combinations and easily move them from room to room, to freshen up the look of a space. Hands up who else enjoys a bit of weekend re-arranging!

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